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Stocking clinic helps children and expectant moms<\/h1>\r\n

Each year, more than six million children die before their fifth birthday, and nearly 300,000 expectant mothers die during pregnancy or childbirth. Basic health care is often all that is needed to save their lives. With your help, we are stocking community health centres with lifesaving equipment and supplies.<\/p>\r\n","language":"*","state":"1"},{"id":"129","title":"Saving the lives of moms and infants","alias":"saving-the-lives-of-moms-and-infants","introtext":"


Saving the lives of moms and infants<\/h1>\r\n

Before 25-year-old Amane gave birth to a beautiful 5.5-pound baby girl, women in her Ethiopian community called her the unfortunate one. Some even said she was cursed. Six times, she carried a baby to full term. And, six times she lost a child during labour. Each time, Amane delivered in a small, dark mud hut with only her mom and a traditional birth attendant to assist. With no medical training, appropriate facility, or equipment, when things went terribly wrong there was little they could do to help.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}