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Celebrating our Graduated Communities

If you visit the rural village of Sendafa, Ethiopia, you will hear children laughing at the preschool and reciting their lessons. You will see families receiving quality care at the health centre, or walking only a short distance to a constructed water reservoir or two new water access points to fetch clean, safe water. And you will meet youth who have graduated from colleges and vocational schools working in different organizations, including schools and banks, or self-employed as traders or metal workshop owners.

You will meet Aberash, a smiling mother of two, selling homemade biscuits. After her husband abandoned her, CCFC provided Aberash with training and loans to start her business, and today she is grateful that she can support her family on her own. You will also find the Tila Berhane Hiwot Union, a savings and credit union. Founded in 2007 with start-up capital from CCFC, it has grown to include 300 members who have access to financial loans to start and upgrade their businesses and receive business skills training. When the community began implementing these programs with CCFC, women and children had to walk as far as five kilometres for drinking water, and women who wished to improve their lives had little opportunity to do so.

There were no early childhood education centres, many children were deprived of basic needs, and water-borne diseases were common. The only health service available in the community was of very poor quality. Thanks to our generous donors, the projects and programs implemented in the 12 years CCFC has supported Sendafa continue to have a huge impact, and the future is filled with promise for the community of more than 25,000.

SENDAFA, ETHIOPIA – GRADUATED JULY 25, 2012: Children currently attending the early childhood education centre.

What We Do

We work to protect and improve the lives of children by helping them realize their basic human rights – nutritious food, clean water, health care and education. We empower children to grow up confident, know their rights, be active in the community, and take the lead in their own change. 
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