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Saving the lives of moms and infants

Before 25-year-old Amane gave birth to a beautiful 5.5-pound baby girl, women in her Ethiopian community called her the unfortunate one. Some even said she was cursed. Six times, she carried a baby to full term. And, six times she lost a child during labour. Each time, Amane delivered in a small, dark mud hut with only her mom and a traditional birth attendant to assist. With no medical training, appropriate facility, or equipment, when things went terribly wrong there was little they could do to help.

Sadly, 59 of every 1,000 children born in Ethiopia, and 675 of every 100,000 mothers, do not survive childbirth. With your help we are changing that.

To save the lives of mothers and infants, CCFC trains traditional birth attendants to stop unsafe home deliveries and promote births attended by health professionals in health facilities. It was Hawi, one of 200 trained traditional birth attendants in Amane’s district, who successfully encouraged her to deliver Ayantu, her seventh child, at a health centre.

The project, called Improving Maternal and Child Health (IMPACT), is funded by donors and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. It supports the Ethiopian government’s efforts to strengthen primary health care by building and equipping birthing facilities and training health professionals on maternal and newborn care.

The IMPACT project is reaching out to more than 120,000 mothers and children in Ethiopia cared for by more than 70 health facilities. More than 9,700 babies have been safely delivered by skilled professionals, and medical equipment has been distributed to 14 health centres and 59 health posts in areas of greatest need.

Meet Amane and her baby girl on YouTube

What We Do

We work to protect and improve the lives of children by helping them realize their basic human rights – nutritious food, clean water, health care and education. We empower children to grow up confident, know their rights, be active in the community, and take the lead in their own change. 
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